Freitag, 3. Dezember 2010

Printers. And if you really need them ...

Interesting how - at the moment - I really depend on the non-digital physical paper stuff. Yesterday evening, I had to print several copies of a both very important and urgent document - in sum, several hundred pages. After some of them: "Toner empty"

Haha, I'm prepared for that! So I did all the exchanging and cleaning stuff to end up with a printer that now spends the new toner to add "visual artistry" like clouds, stripes, ... everything you really don't need if you want to get perfect printouts :-)

So, I spend the whole evening until 2:30 am, and re-started this morning without that much improvement until now ... It seems that LibreOffice work has to wait until this printer finally managed that print job. Once it works, it runs very well ...


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