Dienstag, 23. November 2010

It's (sometimes) all about Design!

Just to spread the news - there is now a dedicated mailing list for design topics. More precisely, it'll become the home of the LibreOffice Design Team that cares about User Experience Design (make it just work ...) and Visual Identity Design (... and look great).

How did we get there? We got more and more traffic on the Marketing mailing list. A huge part of those discussions covered Branding aspects and Visual Design. Furthermore, you may have noticed some ideas how to improve the user interface. And, the number of questions by developers increased - they asked for some User Experience (utility, usability, ...) support.

After some discussion, I asked the TDF Steering Committee for a dedicated mailing list. Here it is:
At the moment, we discuss the relationship between the already existing teams and how to support each other with regard to cross-sectional topics (on a different list). We also talk about how to set up a dedicated "work space" in the wiki. But the most important thing might be, to simply say hello to each other.

Consequently, please expect some changes ... We will report about our progress.

Looking forward to make LibreOffice just rock!


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