Samstag, 19. Februar 2011

Design Team Kick-Off Step 3: We are the Design Team

Hi all,

a while ago I summarized the Design Team's current status of work - now I'd like to talk about the members of the Design Team. Who are they, what are they interested in, and how do they look like? Here we go ...

To get to know each other, we've asked everybody for some insights like "What are you interested in?", and compiled the Design Team member list. On this list, you'll also find some links to user pages with even more stuff you ever wanted to know (or maybe not).

What I can say is, that I'm pretty amazed who we are ...
  • Some members have a professional usability and/or user experience background
  • Highly skilled artists are with us - also with professional background
  • There are new faces with lots of fresh ideas, and also long-term community members
Not to forget the "lurkers" who are subscribed to our mailing list. Some of them mentioned they want to follow our work first ... of course! I consider them more than important, since I hope they'll help us to keep some connection across the mailing lists (e.g. mentioning not to be missed topics on the development mailing list, or on the local mailing lists). By the way, the number of subscribed users is 106 (2011-02-07)

If you want to know more, see Kick-Off Wiki Page: Introducing the Team Members.

Well, it seems we are getting ready for some serious work ... :-)


Montag, 7. Februar 2011

FOSDEM 2011 - summary

Hello world,

as others already pointed out, the FOSDEM was a great experience ... especially since I've enjoyed to see most of the TDF guys. So here some more pictures, and finally the link to my talk.


We had interesting talks, maybe because it was simple to identify the "green people"?

The developers prepared some USB storage with the complete source code, so that the people hanging around could jump-start to develop LibreOffice. But - apart from the interesting hacks - why should they do that?

As we did some awesome marketing (tm) before, here is another one: "Clothing for Code". So, if people completed an Easy Hack during (!) the FOSDEM, then they got one of those green hoodies.

If we continue with that initiative, we have some more proposals how to call that - summary:
  • Hack for a Hoody
  • Fashion for a Fix
  • Clothing for Code

Rather late, I noticed that I lacked a picture of our devroom ... here is the very last presentation.

Please note, that another awesome marketing tried to support Kendy to get some of the money he privately invested to bring the clothes. It seems that it worked ... he can now go home. Safely :-)

I've added my presentation "Kicking off the LibreOffice Design Team to the freshly created Design Team presentations wiki page. So if you want to have a look at it - here are the links: ODP, PDF. A video might be available soon.

Looking forward ... so many trade fairs and conferences to go :-)


Samstag, 5. Februar 2011

FOSDEM 2011 - first bits and pieces

Hi guys,

so here are some first impressions from the FOSDEM 2011.

The yesterday's FOSDEM Beerevent ... awesomely crowded, here you side a picture outside the café.

The first "real" day starts with an almost empty booth ...

... so get all the little gadgets ready ...

... unpack the freshly made "Freedom Never Tasted So Suite" shirts ...

... do some awesome marketing ...

... start talking to people to make them aware of LibreOffice ...

... continue to talk and realize that they are aware :-)

Thanks to all who made this possible!

Okay, back to the booth ... just wanted to share some things from the conference. Tomorrow will be even more interesting, since we'll get our Development Room to have some nice presentations.