Samstag, 4. Dezember 2010

Interviews, and ... Lost in Translation

Great! I just stumbled across the two first interviews that have been conducted with LibreOffice developers. And although I may claim that I've invested quite some time into this project (and it's predecessors), I don't know that much about it's hackers ... and especially the new guys. So please enjoy reading the interviews with Norbert Thiébaud and Joseph Powers. I certainly did :-)

I also enjoyed the interviews done in other projects ... and some days ago, I wanted to share one of the German interviews done with Jacqueline Rahemipour with the rest of the LibreOffice community. But, I got "Lost in Translation".

Here is a part of the German interview published on

Okay, well, if you prefer other languages, then let's simply state that the original text states "Interview mit Jacqueline Rahemipour". And what happens if you run the Google Translation? Let's see ...

Mmh, now we got the translation including "My name is Joost Andrae". Although Joost is a great guy working for Oracle, what happened here? It seems, that Jacqueline and Joost have run too many QA sessions together :-)

Still wondering ...


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