Montag, 13. Dezember 2010

Go-Go-Gadgeto ... Printer


In the last four days, I felt like playing in a bad movie. Coming back from a business trip, I was a bit exhausted. Then, several things broke - and the repairs will require quite some investments. Since today, our flat looks like being "ruined" - the guys and the stuff who work on our kitchen occupy the whole flat, although the kitchen is just a small room. Kitchen parts, no space left ... and dust everywhere. Home sweet home.

Printing for Fun

In one of my last posts, I've stated that our laser printer said (more or less) goodbye. So we ordered a new one ... easy if you "just" need some grayscale output. But, scanning documents gets more and more important to me. At work, we do have several of these scanners that are able to convert a pile of paper into a PDF. Can a person, who loves the idea of a Document Foundation, resist to buy something like that? Unfortunately (see above), not. :-)

There has been a great offer for such a device (a model my favorite printer maker) ... to make it short: It's now possible to insert a stack of paper, press two buttons, automatically process the documents via the duplex document feeder, and finally send it to a pre-defined group of people. For example, my father will get a copy of the scan via email, and the scanner will save the same document in a folder on my notebook computer (via SMB). And it's really fast - featuring a 667 MHz PowerPC processor. Waaaah!

Finally, the printer works like a charm with Linux ... Postscript compatible, PCL emulation, network administration. To me, it is just astonishing how affordable such devices became. (Especially there are no hidden costs for toner or other supply material). And if I now could understand how to use these certificates and all the security stuff ...

Mmh, it seems I sound like a small boy having a new toy. Maybe I really feel a bit like that ... :-)


However, I've spend some hours to continue the work on the LibreOffice icons. Initially, Bernhard requested some guidance within a steering Committee phone call to know whether an own set can be included. He provided an initial version of the icons which can now be refined. Based on his work, and some initial feedback by Jaron, I started to rebuild the 16px versions without affecting too much of the style (I hope). Here is the current (not yet complete) set:


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