Montag, 15. November 2010

LibreOffice 3.3 Artwork Improvements

Hi all,

I do have some files with unfinished work "lurking" on my hard drive since quite a few days. I've spend the last evenings discussing interesting stuff like branding and artwork with some interested people ... not yet on the lists. But I hope this will change.

However, before the graphics data gets too old, I'd like to present the current progress ... and pick the "Splash Screen" (please click on it to see the original size).

So far, the following feedback / ideas have been incorporated:
  • Marketing Team/Community: General update of the logo that moves the text closer to the document symbol. That required to move the progress bar a bit - I hope that this can still be considered by the development.
  • Graham/Ivan/Others: Use of the new "Color Logo Contemporary" using gray instead of black for e.g. the text and the document symbol.
  • Ivan/Christoph: Added a slight gradient for the logo elements.
  • Marketing Team/Christoph: Minor update to now use the recently updated colors.
  • Ivan: Using a very slight embossed effect (inner shadow) to make the logo a bit more 3Dish. Derived from here.
  • Ivan/Christoph: Different kind of gradient for the background. This will only work here, due to the different technical implementation in the "Start Center".
  • Christoph: Some "pixel-perfect" re-alignment of the items. Not ideal yet, but it should now appear much sharper than the old Splash Screen.

Okay, although some small refinements, I consider the perceived quality much better than the original one (LibreOffice 3.3 Beta 1). It seems that we are on a good way to finalize what we currently call "Initial Branding" ...

What do you think?


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Anonym hat gesagt…

Why is there _still_ a splash screen? One man (new defaults page from OO) stated that this is really old and isn't needed anymore now that the PCs are fast enough and I can't agree more. I can't see the splash screen because my PC opens OO so fast; it's wasted work.

... hat gesagt…

Funk is right. Especially as loading the splash screen slows down the start of