Donnerstag, 6. Januar 2011

Icon as con I can

Writer Icons

The title of this blog posting may sound a bit weird to you ... that is how I currently feel with the different work topics :-) But here, I just wanted to show a recent proposal for "own" LibreOffice icons that we are currently working on.

The "we" refers to the LibreOffice Design Team that collected ideas an already went through some iterations for the icon design. Unfortunately, we got stuck a bit (Christmas and vacation time, few volunteers ...), so that it is unsure whether the icons may get included into the upcoming official LibreOffice release.

Nevertheless, I thought it might be interesting for you ...

The picture shows both default color and high contrast icons for the application Writer and its documents (top), and the Writer document templates (bottom).

More Bits and Pieces

Discussions currently take place on the Design Team mailing list, and there is a dedicated Initial MIME icons wiki page - a bit outdated, but it provides an overview.

And here is an older draft I once made to show how the tiny 16x16 icons could look like. Just guess the applications :-)

Finally, this is a good opportunity to say "Thank you!" to Bernhard, Ivan, Jaron, Björn, ... anybody who wants to join?


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