Montag, 25. Oktober 2010

LibreOffice Presentation Template ... First Steps

LibreOffice Presentation Template

Besides some basic marketing material, people already asked several times for a LibreOffice Presentation Template. This has even been a topic in the today's marketing conference call or the last steering committee meeting. After the latter, I started to create something ...

It seemed to me that some "snappiness" is missing. Presentations are different from other marketing material, so I started to refine the logo a bit ... it is meant to be a "contemporary logo". Think of it like a seasonal logo that might be tweaked more often according to the "spirit of the time".

For the presentation template, I drafted the first designs in Inkscape and started to create an Impress template from scratch ... thanks to Italo's material I do have some clue what to expect. As a first step, I propose to come up with the following Master Pages:
  • Start Slide
  • Default Slide (large fonts, maybe smaller fonts)
  • Sub-Header Slides (in the different accent colors)
  • "TDF / LibO Advertising Slide" (half of the slide is used for some logos)
  • Closing Slide
Anything missing? Please tell me! (hint: Marketing List *g*)

Until then, you might have a look at the current design ideas ...

Default Slide (large font)

Sub-Header Slides (LibreGreen, LibreBlue)

The remaining master pages haven't been created yet. I hope that I'll be able to publish a more complete set tomorrow, so that you can have a look at it and propose changes. There may be many tiny issues ... creating good templates is sometimes like creating a rather complex piece of software. Finally, it should just work.


Besides the presentation template stuff, we already have a proposal to include the color yellow in our branding palette ... some people requested it to make it complete. You may have a look at the marketing ideas page (by the way, there are also other greatly improved color proposals ... e.g. by Ivan).

Questions and Missing Answers

Finally, is everybody aware of that? :-)


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Anonym hat gesagt…

MimeType Icons Ideas by Ivan clearly surpass those made by Bernhard. Bernhard does a mistake which is _not_ acceptable in year 2010 of eye candiness anymore: black color (lines). I hope that Ivan's icons are considered or at least some icons which do NOT use black colour.